End State Violence and Torture

End State Violence and Torture and Shift Away from the Punishment Paradigm:

End all state inflicted violence and torture, including police brutality and killings, correction officer brutality and killings, sexual violence, the torture of solitary confinement, and the violence of imprisonment itself, and fundamentally shift away from the punishment paradigm in the justice system and throughout our societal institutions, and toward empowerment, growth, healing, and transformation.

  • HALT Solitary Confinement Act, A. 3080B / S. 4784A: end the torture of solitary confinement for all people and create more humane and effective alternatives.
  • Close Attica, and other state prisons, and stop brutality and abuses in all prisons.
  • Close Rikers and other jails, and stop brutality and abuses in all jails.
  • Correctional Ombudsman to expand oversight and accountability. Create an independent public oversight agency to monitor New York prisons, investigate complaints, and bring transparency, fairness, impartiality, and accountability.
  • Stop sexual assaults and abuse in prisons and jails.
  • Provide greater access to comprehensive quality medical care – including reproductive health care – in the outside community, in prisons and jails, and through continuity of care upon return from incarceration to the outside community.
  • Stop police shootings and brutality, and enact police accountability and reforms.
  • Seal records for charges related to marijuana possession, and allow for applications for sealing of record of conviction after crime-free period of time.
  • End school to prison pipeline, including through peer mediation, conflict resolution, restorative and transformative justice, guidance counseling, mentoring, and parental & community support.