Promote Community Empowerment,

Promote Community Empowerment, Education, Reconstruction, and Control: 

Empower the people and communities most directly impacted by the policing, legal justice, and incarceration systems, move funding and resources from incarceration and policing to community enrichment, transform prison-dependent economies, and build on transformative justice strategies.

  • Voting Rights for All People: provide right to vote for all people incarcerated in prisons and jails, and who are on parole.
  • Voting rights for parolees: restore the rights of people to vote upon being released from incarceration, rather than requiring a person on parole to wait to be able to vote until discharge from parole.
  • Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) restoration: A. 3995 / S. 3735, restore financial aid eligibility of incarcerated people for college.
  • Fair Access to Education Act: prohibit colleges from asking about or considering applicants’ past arrest or conviction history during the application admissions decision-making process.
  • Ban the Box for employment: prohibit any prospective employer from asking about a criminal conviction unless the employer makes a conditional offer of employment.
  • NY Dream Act: allow undocumented students who meet in-state tuition requirements to access state financial aid and scholarships for higher education (as part of a vision of reconstructing a new New York providing support and resources to our communities).
  • Expand reentry/reintegration support, including housing, employment, services.
  • Institute local community control over policing.
  • Expand restorative and transformative justice.
  • Promote family ties to people incarcerated, including by incarcerating people closer to home, protecting parental rights, restoring the free bus program, and increasing family reunion program and general visits.
  • Promote economies and job opportunities alternative to prisons/jails, including agriculture, alternative energy, public schools, SUNY/CUNY, and other socially positive development.
  • Reinvest resources away from incarceration and policing to education, housing, health, and human services that strengthen communities.